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Guarantee Fund

PARTNERS INVESTMENTS, o.c.p., a.s. is a member of the Investment Guarantee Fund and participates in the protection of clients.

Find members here:

About the Investment Guarantee Fund

It is a legal entity established by Act 566/2001 on securities and investment services and on the amendment of certain acts, as amended (Securities Act).


The Investment Guarantee Fund pools money contributed by local and foreign securities dealers and local and foreign management companies (involved in protecting their clients) to compensate for inaccessible client assets they have received for the performance of investment services.


Together with the Deposit Protection Fund, it creates a comprehensive system for protecting clients when they invest in Slovakian money and capital markets.


The Investment Guarantee Fund is supervised by the National Bank of Slovakia, and both its activities and management are strictly regulated by Slovakian law. Protected client assets are insured by the fund for up to €50,000 and compensation is provided as of the date when they become unavailable to the protected client, pursuant to Section 82 (1) of the Securities Act.


There are three separate bodies under the umbrella of the Investment Guarantee Fund. The supreme body is its Executive Board, while the fund’s management and operations are overseen by its Supervisory Board. Finally, the Presidium is the Investment Guarantee Fund’s executive body.