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How to Invest

5 steps to your first investment with PARTNERS INVESTMENTS
Contact a PARTNERS GROUP financial expert and make an appointment.

PARTNERS GROUP SK has agents all over Slovakia, so you can arrange with no problem a meeting in person with a financial expert at a location that suits you best. You never have to go far to receive expert advice.

At the meeting, the financial expert will ask you to complete a short investment questionnaire.

PARTNERS INVESTMENTS first needs to know your investment plans and expectations in order to best meet your goals. The investment questionnaire lets us find out your attitude toward risk and your investment profile, which are then used to determine the right investment strategy for you.

The strategy will be selected by you and us, together with the financial expert.

Based on the results from the investment questionnaire, our financial experts will help you choose the investment strategy that best suits your capabilities and requirements. This choice also determines the composition of your portfolio.

You can review your investments at any time.

State-of-the-art technology lets you check the status of your investments online, anywhere and anytime.

We look after them as if there were our own.

PARTNERS INVESTMENTS, a company strictly regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia, will invest your money in to instruments to keep your own life free of worries.

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